From Temples to Mountains: Discovering Northern Thailand's Hidden Gems

Northern Thailand: Where Culture, Nature, and Adventure Meet

A region of incredible natural beauty, cultural diversity, and fascinating history. The area is home to stunning mountains, lush forests, and winding rivers, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Visit the historic walled city

Chiang Mai's old city is surrounded by ancient walls and moats, and it's home to many beautiful temples, markets, and cultural attractions. I spent hours exploring the narrow streets and alleys, admiring the architecture, and trying local street food.

The narrow streets and alleys are lined with beautiful temples, traditional wooden houses, and small shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs. The area is bustling with activity, with locals going about their daily lives and tourists exploring the sights and sounds of this fascinating city

Home of many beautiful and intricate temples, each with its own unique style and history. The temples are typically adorned with intricate carvings, gold leaf, and colorful murals, and they are often surrounded by lush gardens and serene courtyards

Pai: Where Nature Meets Art

Avoiding the heat from Chiang Mai, I took a 160cc motorbike to Pai. It makes up part of the famous “Mae Hong Son Loop” with 762 hairpin bends and breathtaking scenery. An adventure not to be missed! A small and peaceful town in the north of Thailand near the border with Myanmar. Exchanging the classic “Sah-wah-dee” was so lovely from the northern Thai people to me. I’m in love with Pai!!

Wandering around Pai's old town is a delightful experience that allows me to soak up the town's unique atmosphere and cultural heritage. Admiring the colorful street art, and stopping to browse the small shops and cafes. It was a peaceful and enjoyable experience that should not be missed by anyone visiting charming town.

The sun begins to rise, the Pai Canyon is bathed in a warm and golden light, creating stunning reflections off the rocks and a beautiful contrast against the sky. The silence of the morning is only broken by the sound of birds chirping and the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze.

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