All Facility Management Needs in one place

Office Management Solution

Nimbus Management is a holistic technology system that provides efficiency for every single layer of your business, from Operations and HR, to Account Management and even Business Intelligence.
Website Application (SAAS)
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2022 - 2023

Business Intelligence

Get a good overview of your business overall health. Identify your best performing and worst performing sites, and learn how you can optimise your overall operations in order to continue growing your business.

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Operation & Deployment

Manage your whole frontline operations at your fingertips without being on-site. Create rosters and deploy your workers easily without having to constantly check on the workers’ availability, or whether they are indeed on-site for their work.

Human Resources & Payroll

Simplify the complexities of HR & payroll with our digitized timesheets, leaves and claims management system, leaving you with more time to focus on the wellness of your employees.

Internal Chat -  Delegate & inform in advance

Use Internal Chat for simple teamwork! Tell your team and share info quickly. It helps everyone know what's happening ahead of time.

Account Management

Skip the need for emails or WhatsApp conversations by automating your checklists and reports! Our comprehensive system also allows your clients to be notified of the attendance and replacements of workers deployed to them.