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Easy Workforce & Vendor Management

Overveew is a holistic technology system that provides efficiency for every single layer of your business, from Operations and HR, to Account Management and even Business Intelligence.
Mobile Application
Design System, Interaction Design, Visual, Prototyping
2022 - 2023

Finding the Problems

The current tracking system is annoying and manual for cleaner. It's easy to forget to input work and hard to manage by paper in public places.
Lack of fairness for cleaner when they finished cleaning the house but it get dirty after the shift. The reports are poor and providing no clue for management.
HR seems difficult to keep track and manage payroll, leave and claim manually

Giving the Solutions

For Crew
Easy to checkin their assignment
Communicate with their supervisor inside the app
Tracking payroll monthly and appling for leave easily
Tracking payroll monthly and appling for leave easily
For Supervisors (Operations)
Managing all their assignees working shift.
Approve/Reject the finished job
Human Resources Department
Checking Leave and Claim easily
Managing Employee’s Payroll


Taking insights into design, personas were created to guide development for constant focus on our users

Visuals guided our approach

Internal Chat - Delegate & inform in advance.

Use Internal Chat for simple teamwork! Tell your team and share info quickly. It helps everyone know what's happening ahead of time.

Management for Supervisor

Manage your whole frontline operations at your fingertips without being on-site. Create rosters and deploy your workers easily without having to constantly check on the workers’ availability, or whether they are indeed on-site for their work.

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